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Medical Report

With the umbrella organization Projekt Misside approaching pressing expansion decisions, Students for Projekt Misside created a medical team of 6 students with the goal of analyzing the Guinean health situation, alongside our institute’s capabilities, to make and assist executing informed expansion decisions. However, when conducting research on the national situation, the team encountered multiple problems. Whilst search results including the term “Guinea” mostly concerned other countries in the eponymous region or Papua New Guinea, reliable information on the focal country was fragmented and overall scarce. Therefore, aiming to not only resolve this problem for our, but all organizations wishing to have or increase their positive impact, the medical team dedicated the past 6 months to compiling a comprehensive country report about Guinea with a focus on the current medical situation. Nevertheless, the report considers a variety of influencing sectors and factors ranging from the socio-economic situation to the long-term effects of female circumcision. As a result of this project, our team identified multiple expansion opportunities in the regional area, including the early discovery of building a freestanding pharmacy on our institutes campus, which is already nearing completion. Thus, the team is not only been engaged in planning and designing future projects, but also executing its first ideas highlighting the viability and potential of centralized information.

Corresponding Team

Lennart Corleissen
Sheila Shukla
Alex Rasche
Valerio Bruno
Max Meisel
Maelys Martin
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