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Energy Supply

One of the most critical problems in Télimelé, Guinea is the lack of electricity, which leads to disruptions in the use of medical or digital equipment in the hospital and the medical institute. Our team conducted a thorough research between May and August in order to find the most effective and cost-efficient solution to this problem. The analysis included evaluation of the current electrical consumption and comparison between different energy sources, taking into consideration external factors such as water scarcity and preservation of the habitat.

By installing 142 solar panels, a grid is being created that will allow for the first time 24/7 reliable energy supply to the sites. With the use of a sustainable source our aim is to have the greatest impact with the least harm to the environment. This project has been realised thanks to the constant consulting of mechanical and solar engineers alongside the team and our biggest partner, the Simmel AG. This project is evidence that with strong partnerships, everything is possible.


Corresponding Team


Denitsa Arabadzhieva


Lennart Corleissen


Yannik Peled


Maurits De Knecht

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