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The Auditorium has opened its doors

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

After just over a year of work, the construction of the auditorium was finished in November 2019 and has been welcoming students ever since!

The auditorium is located right next to the Medical Vocational School in Télimelé. It was built with the intention of giving students access to a room where the 300 of them could be present at once. In this room, a multitude of activities take place such as classes, presentations and conferences.

The construction was planned and supervised by the engineer Abdoulaye Diallo and the head of operations Amadou Diariou Diallo. Overall, more than 70 people worked on this project, sometimes for more than 3 days without rest.

In total, the auditorium was entirely paid for by donations!

This new facility enhances and facilitates learning, giving the chance to students to learn collectively in a comfortable environment.



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