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Learn more about the herbal garden

One of the main points we currently focus on is healthcare. Due to the special circumstances in Guinea, such as difficulties to obtain and store medicine properly, which is of great importance considering the heat, members of Project Misside came up with alternative ways to obtain medicine.

In 2018, a herb garden was planted containing multiple plants such as the moringa tree, ginger, and the neem tree amongst others.

Before western medicine was invented, the way we know it, herbs were used all over the world to cure diseases. Many plants have tremendous healing abilities and moreover are free of chemicals, which on a long-term can even be better for the body.

Currently, we are researching on how to optimize and leverage the most on the plants we have in our garden. Success stories such as the neem tree curing malaria in the past, motivate us to further work on and promote natural medicine amongst the people in Téliméle. Also, the moringa tree has the abilities to cure over 400 diseases, if the people learn how to use it.

By properly taking care of the plants and learning about the ways of transforming them into medicine, the herb garden offers significant opportunities to the people without storing or cooling problems modern medicine brings with it. Combining traditional knowledge of local shamans with our modern medicine and research abilities, the herb garden indicates being a promising idea on a long-term.



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