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Our pharmacy is reaching the halfpoint of construction very soon!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


We currently seek to provide the financial means necessary to build a pharmacy next to the hospital and medical care center. It will supply and store all vital medicines to create certainty and faith in an emerging sophisticated healthcare system that Télimélé and finally Guinea will benefit from tremendously.


Thus far, more than a fourth of the pharmacy has been built, and the construction is progressing fast thanks to your generous contributions! The next steps entail building the roof and equipping the cooling room with the necessary infrastructure to be operational. Please find blueprints and progress update pictures below.

Herbal Garden

Accompanying the pharmacy’s medicinal supply, we aim to extend and improve our medical herb garden, to supply domestic natural healing herbs to the pharmacy. This is not only a sustainable approach, which hopefully grants many Guineans access to various medical treatments but can also serve as a role model for other parts of the country or even the continent.



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