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Zone 6 X Projekt Misside

In the year of 2019, four students from Erasmus University of Rotterdam got together to create Zone 6, the first hip-hop party in Rotterdam. Their ambition was to spread their passion for music, especially hip-hop, and the least we can say is that it worked! To this day, the team has organized two events with an attendance of 900 and 850 people respectively. The team explained that the aim of the events was never to make profit, but to make amateurs discover hip-hop music and hip-hop lovers attend the party they had been waiting for. They wanted to make a good contribution to the world, but didn’t have a clear idea of what they would do at the very start. However, they discovered Projekt Misside, believed in it and decided to support it.

On the 2nd of March 2020, the second event of Zone 6 took place. The tickets for the party were sold online beforehand and customers were offered the possibility of donating money on top of the ticket price for Projekt Misside. On top of that, the Zone 6 team donated a large amount of their profits to the project. All in all, 700 euros were raised!

We thank Sahand Fescharakifard, Yazeed Abul-ata, Omar Elsiefy and Matt Langlois, the wonderful Zone 6 team. They have invested so much time and effort into organizing this party and we are so grateful for their generosity. Not only did they raise a huge amount for the project, but they also involved many students by putting our name on the tickets and partly dedicating their event to the party. We particularly thank Sahand for being the link between the Zone 6 and Projekt Misside teams.



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