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 Project at RSM


You want to gain unique practical experiences based on the theoretical knowledge you have accumulated after your first year at RSM?


4:30 pm

Then the “I DO”-Project is the perfect opportunity for you. The project aims at connecting ambitious and open-minded students with unique NGOs located in the Netherlands. As a student, you will be teaming up with two to four upcoming second-year (I)BA (2020-2021) students to support one NGO in achieving its mission. All participating organizations have a representative in the Netherlands, but mostly aid projects in underdeveloped countries. 


Through being in close contact with one organization, you will be able to engage in business-related activities during the course of the academic year. You and your team are responsible for supporting activities which the NGO does currently not have the resources or capabilities to do. For example, your team might be responsible for creating a sustainable marketing strategy or to support the NGO with correct bookkeeping or more efficient operations. As a part of an NGO, your team has the chance to apply the knowledge you have acquired during your studies. These practical, real-life cases will enable you to improve the current situation of the organization, and ultimately, exerting a positive impact on deprived communities in third-world countries. Last but not least, the project allows you to foster personal growth and take social responsibility. 

 Grab The Opportunity To Create a  Positive Impact in This  World. 


What we expect from you ​


4:30 pm

We are looking for second-year (I)BA students who are interested in voluntarily supporting public benefit organizations (PBO), and who are willing to commit 8 to 10h per week to support one of the NGO’s. Furthermore, we look for passionate and authentically driven students who are eager to spend their second academic year putting their valuable skills to good societal use.

How the NGO will benefit from your team’s work


4:30 pm

Due to the smaller structure of the NGOs, their capacity is limited. Hence, you and your team can aid the organization to increase their brand awareness and facilitate activities to advance the impact of the projects in their respective regions. All of the chosen NGOs are eager to collaborate with RSM students and are amazed by the huge potential this project has for the future.

How to apply​


4:30 pm

Just follow the Apply Now Button below and fill out the google form. To get to know you a little better, we ask you to write a short motivation letter (max. 500 words). Please use the text to introduce yourself and your authentic motivation. Likewise, please elaborate on how and why you can contribute to the success of a consulting team. Additionally, we are interested in seeing your CV and grade transcripts, which can be downloaded via Osiris. The CV and grade transcript should be uploaded via the google form. Upon careful selection from the pool of applicants the following selection round will be in the form of a face-to-face interview for which you will receive a personal invitation.

Partner Organisations


Partin is an association that supports over 300 small-scale NGOs to allow for closer collaboration and cooperation to support the interest of these NGOs. All participating NGOs in the I-DO project are part of Partin. The motto “Together we can do more, together we do more” forms the basis of Partin's activities. Partin tries to make things possible for the collective that are impossible for the individual NGO.


Friendship Foundation

The Friendship Foundation  aims to create an inclusive environment for disabled children in Sri Lanka. The priority for the consulting team is to establish and foster brand awareness to build an overarching fundraising strategy for the next five years. Moreover, a strategy to foster name recognition in the Utrecht area should incentivize local fundraising 


Jerome Damey Foundation

The Jerome Damey Foundation creates opportunities through (primary school) education for abandoned orphans in Guinea. Moreover, it plans to build and operate a medical center. Whilst supporting them in gaining exposure and further support the organization also needs help in the strategic planning and implementation of their projects on sight in Guinea. 


Mpilo Foundation

Mpilo provides schools, orphanages, and remote villages in Zimbabwe with access to clean water and electricity using solar energy. The organization needs support to continuously optimize their project evaluation process and to gain new partners. Lastly, improving general operations in order to provide as many people with energy and water as possible is a challenge the consulting team must tackle.



Niketan empowers disabled children in Bangladesh for 25 years. Unfortunately, Niketan is constrained by decreasing donations. That’s why this particular consulting team should develop a sophisticated communication strategy that penetrates beyond local communities to safeguard the financing of Niketan’s future operations.


Foundation Rhiza

Rhiza aims at eradicating extreme poverty all over the world for over ten years. The NGO pursues all projects until a successful implementation yields self-sustaining results. Currently, Rhiza improves healthcare, education, and enterprise development in South Africa and Ghana. The consulting team must help Rhiza with establishing brand awareness, and with sparking novel ideas to enhance the projects’ positive impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Further Questions?
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“It is amazing to see many young and ambitious students feeling the urge to support social projects. The collaboration with RSM students has the potential to boost these organizations and change the lives of thousands. I am super excited to see how the “I DO”- Project plays out. And I hope together we will be able to transform the Pilot into an elective for future RSM students!”

Erik Boerrigter is the executive director of Partin and has been collaborating with us since the very beginning. 

"I was pleasantly surprised when I learned about this project. I am impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of the students. I am sure Partin members will greatly benefit from their expertise as well as from their dedication to the project."


Trudeke Vuijk is secretary of the board of Partin. She is an anthropologist and also a teacher of Dutch as a second language. 

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