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Health care

Here is the overview of the health care projects we were able to complete since the founding. This is what the power of community and generosity from our donors creates. Thank you for that!

Misside pharmacy


In addition to infirmaries and a general hospital, a nursery and a maternity hospital, Project Misside was able to build a pharmacy for locals to buy their needed medication. This is a great success in the project and makes for a big and important impact in the lifes of the locals, as now they don't have to go kilometers away to the nearest pharmacy. 

But we still need your help. Although relatively speaking medication is not very expensive, locals often can't fully afford it. What we want to do is raise donations to pay off the remaining amount that people need. Your aid can ensure that the next Guinean can finally afford a vaccine. Even a few cents can change someone's life!

Kinsan infirmary

Another milestone for our association was the construction of the infirmary in Kinsan. For a long time, local residents dreamed of having medical care close by. The nearest doctor was 18 kilometres away and the closest hospital in Télimélé.

The foundation stone was set on May 6, 2006, and here, too, the locals pushed ahead with the construction on their own. Kinsan being the direct neighbour of Misside makes this infirmary an easy reach from our first primary school.

At the end of October, Monsieur Sylla, the construction officer, handed over the key to the municipality.

Hamdallaye infirmary

Bowel, Bakolo, Hobere, Pellel, Bamba, Donhel, Nguma, Barkere, Biro, Konja, Nai Bembu. That's ten villages around the main village of Hamdallaye, which together have around 1600 inhabitants.


Word spread like wildfire that we have a resident doctor at our first infirmary in Misside. People came from the neighboring community to congratulate us.

People brought what they could to help and together we set up a working infirmary with a doctor for their villages. 

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