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Policy Plan | 01.06.2022


This policy plan serves to provide an overview into the activities, as well as goals and long-term vision of the organization. Moreover, it shows how the organization intends to achieve its objectives. 


Objectives and Activities: 

The organizations objective is threefold. It intends to enact change, inspire and finally empower others to strive for positive change. 


  1. In order to enact, the organization is raising funds in order to promote education, medicine and equal opportunities in Guinea. The funds will be used to run, support and improve hospitals, schools and more in the country of Guinea. 

  2. In order to inspire, the organization is organizing events and campaigns about the circumstances in Guinea, but also other developing countries. 

  3. In order to inspire, the organization is connecting people to other public benefit organizations and supports their collaboration. One such example is the “I DO Project” with the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. 

Method of generating income: 

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals and objectives the organization generates income through raising donations. Donations are being raised from private individuals, companies as well as institutions and funds. These donations are either attained directly or through the organization of events. In the future the organization may try to generate income through the sale of products such as for example cake or secondhand clothing. All activities above are carried out by volunteers, none of which are compensated. 


Management of the institution’s assets: 

The generated income will be stored on the organizations account until used for a specific project. If there are any open and already approved projects, the income will be allocated immediately or stored until enough is raised to accomplish the entire project. This process is overseen by a three-tier asset committee, chaired by the treasurer. If new projects are initiated the asset committee and the board will review, discuss and make the final approval or disapproval. Every member’s opinion or concern is taken into consideration by both the committee and the board. Finally, the asset committee is also responsible to transparently present and report the use of assets and the status of past, present and future projects to all stakeholders of the organisation. Therefore, every member has the right to request an up-to-date overview of the organization’s finances at any point of the time. 

Mamadou Aliou Diallo

Project Misside
NL12 INGB 0007 6292 42

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