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Help us spread our mission and support our work towards a better life in Guinea.


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 Project Misside Nederland

IBAN: NL 12 INGB0007629242

KvK: 77558499

For donations referenced with "Students for PM", Projekt Misside Guinea e.V. and Students for Project Misside together coordinate how donations are used in light of the project in Guinea. 

Projekt Misside Guinea e.V. is a registered public benefit organization in Germany and the Netherlands. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with a receipt for your donation. 

If you donated, please notify us via the contact form below. Here, we can also send you the donation receipt, if applicable.

Donate a Scholarship!

With a Students for Project Misside Scholarship you can change the life of a student in Guinea today! Whilst the participation rates in primary and secondary education are already miserable. Vocational training or high level education is almost non-existent. Especially girls and young women are neglected in this system. 


This is mostly due to girls' lower stand in the society, forced marriages and them becoming mothers at a very young age. 

With 25€ a month you can fully finance a high quality medical education for one of our students. Girls can live in our boarding school, and of course we also have a place for their little ones. 


The scholarships are selected based on an assessment in the following criteria:

✔ Academic Performance

✔ Motivation

✔ Individual (Social) Circumstances


We educate students to become medical professionals. This includes nurses, medical assistants and midwives. These professions are very rare in Guinea and will enable the student to not only help others and share knowledge, but moreover build up an independent life. Especially midwives are needed, as the birth mortality is more than 20times higher compared to developed countries such as Germany or the Netherlands. 

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