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For our corporate partners

In order to fulfill our triple mission, Project Misside is open to partnerships.

We are convinced that well-structured collaboration yields mutually benefitial synergies.

Find out what it is we are looking for and what we can offer! 

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In constant pursuit of multiple projects simultaneously there always is a variety of things we are interested in. This reaches from material and monetary donations to professional teachers, nurses and doctors. We would be happy to discuss your offering and are positive that it will be utilized to cause positive impact.

Project Misside can provide a broad range of offerings such as rooms, facilities, exposure to young people, a strong community and a trusted NGO for CSR considerations. Further, given our equipped medical facilities, our pharmacy and the labarotory we can offer medical analysis, treatment and care.

We understand that our partners have differing interests and are happy to discuss the specifics and answer any questions.

What we are looking for

What we can offer

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