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Here is the overview of the projects with which we support education of our women and children. This is what the power of community and generosity from our donors creates. Thank you for that!

Misside High School

In the surrounding villages of Telimele, young people usually don’t have the chance to attend high school after finishing their primary education.

The ultimate dream of Project Misside is to have a university in their beloved city of Télimélé. The next step for this is the building of a high school.

This project is on its way to being finished. The building is standing strong, classrooms are already built but money is lacking for establishing the high school If you wish to help us be the next step toward our dream, we would greatly appreciate your donation!


School library

Developing the Internet in the Guinean villages is an extremely expensive thing to do. Plus, locals lack the knowledge of the technical equipment to make it happen. This is why books are a major source of knowledge here.

Our Institu​t already has a functioning library with a lot of material but we want to aim higher. We wish to get even more textbooks for our modules so that our students really get the highest quality education possible.

We know exactly which textbooks are needed but we lack the finances to buy them. If you want to be a part of changing this situation, we would be grateful for your donation!

Misside Primary School

In February 2002 I visited my relatives in my home village of Misside and remembered the times when I would go to school in Télimélé, the nearest town that was 30 kilometres away from my village. Since September 2001, Misside has its own school, with one teacher and a class with 96 students, 7 to 10 years old. So, I paid it a visit. Just imagine the "school building" like this: two rows of eight wooden posts each, a thatched roof on top, benches without tables and a large blackboard. I couldn’t get this picture out of my mind! Ever since I wanted to help improve the conditions for these students in my grandfather's village. 

- Amadou Diallo, founder


As you can see, together with his brother Amadou fulfilled his promise. In the place of the old straw hut now stands a building with three classrooms and one staff room. The school employs 3 teachers and creates study opportunities for 100 students form 8 surrounding villages!

Télimélé vocational school

We already have over 300, about 200 of which are girls. And more than 9,000 patients have already been treated in the infirmary.

At the moment the school consists of seven classrooms, a head office, a laboratory, a medicinal garden and a boarding school for girls. There is also a pedagogical infirmary, where students complete internships. In addition, the construction of an auditorium, which will enable lectures and large-group meetings, is almost complete!

We want to further stabilize school operations, expand the possibilities of the infirmary and strengthen the project as much as we can. We would be extremely grateful for your donation to make all of this happen!


Hafia elementary school

Similarly, as other schools in the country, the elementary school in Hafia used to be just a few wooden benches under a thatched roof. Project Misside took charge of building a new simple house with classrooms for about 50 students.

The school program lasts for 6 years, and students are taught reading, writing, arithmetic, singing, sports and production such as growing fruits, grain and vegetables. 


June 2009

June 2010

After completing primary school children can attend the vocational school in Telimele, that Project Misside built as well.

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