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We are Project Misside

Our mission is to provide medical aid, enable quality education and support women empowerment. We start small, in the region of Télimélé, but we believe our mission will spread throughout the whole beautiful country of Guinea.


Our goals

Health care
Female empowerment

Building on the expertise of German guest doctors, nurses and other experts who locally share their knowledge, the Misside medical center is amongst the best in Guinea. Currently we are in the process of finishing building a high school in Misside!

Project Misside already helped to build 3 elementary schools in the Telimele region. Apart from that, they have their own medical-vocational school, where students are trained to become nurses and midwives in a 3-year school program. Now for instance we are working on ways to enable patients to afford the medications they need.

Through the project’s Boarding House, women receive support in attending their program despite raising children independently from their husbands and families. A place of knowledge and safety. Right now we are in the process of creating a nursery for the children of our female students!


Become a part of Project Misside

We take all help we can get to make a difference!

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